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Prefecture terminal

Approved and listed solution

Terminal providing access to local public services

The prefecture terminal facilitates administrative procedures, in particular for:

  • certification of vehicle status with the aid of an input help mask updated for each stage..
    (Licence plate number and date it first went on the road only)

  • Consultation of practical files aimed at informing the public and helping them carry out their administrative measures.

  • Integration of "Local Public Services" (co-branding).

  • For almost all procedures, forms and remote procedures are also available.

  • Any other access, specific or otherwise, is possible.

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    Equipped with the KWOL PREFECTURES secure navigation system, you have access :

  • easy entry of title clearance certificates on the ministry's PROFESSIONAL interface

  • To controlled consultation of Internet and intranet sites

  • To displays of informative banners and oversight screens

  • User assistance guided by a virtual hostess

  • The simple updating of programs and data by ADSL

  • Contacts us for more informations