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NEOSCREEN dynamic display

™ is an innovative, scalable and particularly powerful communications system.

Designed to animate your spaces by distributing multimedia information on multiple screens (TV, monitors, plasma screens, picture walls, interactive terminals, etc.),this tool, extremely comprehensive, provides an interesting alternative to traditional formats and has numerous competitive advantages over other distribution methods currently available.

In just a few clicks, you can control all you ™screens from your PC, wherever they are in the world.

means you can swiftly react to the needs of your target audience and intervene in real time.

means you can benefit from the numerous advantages of online technology to manage targeted and effective communication.

Neoscreen is a supervised system designed to operate 24/7

Neoscreen is very easy to use. The software integrates exceptional tools based on animation and voice synthesis to rapidly produce your content.

Thanks to the modular design of the product, with the same simplicity you can manage a single screen or a vast communications network.

> Distribution through NEOBOX
Management and distribution of messages in the standard off-line and on-line format: HTML objects, animation, video, audio
Simple scenario production (grids and programs). Distribution of messages from a playlist from an hourly niche according to their attributes (frequency of visits to a playlist for example).
Management and distribution of messages in the standard off-line and on-line format: HTML objects, animation, video, audio
Certified industrial machines

> Extremely adaptable and suitable for multiple uses
Multiple screens, multiple windows, interactive etc.
Distribution of TV programs or videos in 4/3 or 16/9 format, with or without banner message inserts.
Complete supervision of each NEOBOX: proper control of its operation,management of communications, updating of programs, grids and new messages to be distributed, statistic management.
The playback of playlists and messages.

> Back office management
Local or distant management of messages and distribution schedules (playlists and grids)
Secure management of messages and distribution schedules from any Windows PC, via Internet or Intranet
Complete supervision of networks, automatic collection
Selective and automatic updating of distribution stations through a secure connection to the server (http tunnelling)

> Message creation tools
Message composition tool - very user friendly and designed for non specialist users
Automatic distribution of messages on the local system or a distant server
Creation of dynamic flash scenarios
Graphic model library
Virtual assistants with multilingual voice synthesis

> Interactive functions

Distribution control with the help of a remote control or NEOTAC pointer.

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