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Boost your sales with effective communication solutions !

Our dynamic POS solutions can be managed from your PC and all your screens, whatever their geographical location.

- react swiftly to the needs of your target audience and intervene in real time.

- benefit from the numerous advantages of online technology to manage targeted and effective communication.

- extremely simple to use, the software includes exceptional tools based on animation and voice synthesis to rapidly reproduce your content.

- systems are supervised and designed to operate 7/7, 24/24.

Thanks to the modular design of the product, with the same simplicity, you can manage a single screen or a huge communications network.

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Extended range, vendor saves times, the interactive terminal provides a real service for your teams and your customers!

Our interactive terminals solution boost the various departments (DIY, leisure, IT, food....) by providing your customers with attractive tools to aid purchasing . Terminals become real vendors.

- Extension of your product range, presentation of all products in the range, including the bulkiest

- Time savings for the vendor

- Fidélisation de la clientèle

- Personalisation of your couponing requirements, bar code reader, credit card receipt.

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An effective solution for the linear promotion of your products.

Media players are the perfect support for animating your lines and promoting or demonstrating your products.

Very simple to implement, all you need is an electrical socket and a media player to broadcast loops of excellent quality video and slideshows.

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